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Who is Beegu and how is she feeling?


As part of raising attendance throughout the school, all classes will be posting their attendance percentages each week on their blogs.

Last week 1RW only had 91.7% - this was the least in the KS1. As a school, we aim to achieve at least 96% attendance - Lets work together to try and get to 96% next week :)

Thank you.

Rugby Skills

For the rest of the term we are going to be taught some rugby skills by a coach  from Hull FC on a Friday.

We were super excited to meet James who taught us how to hold a rugby ball correctly.  We played some fun games to practice the skills we had been taught.

What we have been up to this week

Welcome back!

This week in literacy we have started to read our class text 'Beegu'. The children have been acting out how Beegu is feeling and they have thought have some fantastic questions to ask her.

In maths we have been looking at comparing amounts up to 50. The children have worked really hard this week in Maths doing some challenging reasoning tasks.

Thank you to all the children who brought in their homework from over half term, we were so impressed with all the things you made and have displayed them in the classroom to showcase.

Reminder - Please bring a cereal box for Monday for our DT project.
PE is now on a Friday. 



Launch Day!

As part of the launch for our topic 'Out of this world!' the children visited different countries around the world!

The first country the children visited was Australia. The children took part in two bush tucker trials. In the first trial the children had to feel around in custard, mushy peas, beans and spaghetti to find and guess the mini beasts. The children then took it in turns to nominate a team mate to eat cricket’s legs, fish eyes, slugs and snakes!!!

The second country the children visited today was France. The children learnt how to say body parts in French. The also played bingo, dominoes and did a French word search!

The third country the children visited was America. The children made their own hot dogs with a choice of sauce and then they learnt how to play dodge ball.

The final country the children visited today was India. The children learnt all about the Indian culture. Then they got messy painting Rangoli patterns and feet painting - some children had very ticklis…
ATTENTION! WARNING!! An unidentified object crashed and landed on the school grounds today!
What could it be?Where is it from?Why is it here?What is inside?
The children enjoyed investigating the crash scene to kick-start our new topic today. Is it an alien landing??????

What we have been up to this week!

Wow- We can’t quite believe it’s already the end of this half term. The children have worked so hard this week to finish their stories. Reading them was a delight. The language the children used in their stories was fantastic and has really shown how the work we have done since January has been so valuable.
Homework this week - to design and make a rocket or star to display in our classroom ready for our new topic.

Have a lovely week off :)



KS1 Celebration Afternoon

This afternoon KS1 invited families into school to celebrate the end of our topic "Winter Wonderland".

Internet Safety Day

Today we have been looking at how to stay safe when we use the internet.


Today we finished painting our salt dough trolls. We had to paint very carefully to make sure they looked fantastic!

Weekly homework

This week we would like the children to complete the following homework to be brought in before the end of next week to be marked.
Can you write all the numbers to 20 in words and numerals?
Challenge - Can you colour in the even numbers?


This week's spellings are 


We are learning about the (Stressed) sound /er/ spelt ‘ir’ and ‘ur’