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Hull Fair junk modelling

This week in literacy we have continued to look at the fair. We have tasted and described food from the fair. We created our favourite fair ground rides.

Number Bonds to 10

This week we have been busy learning about number bonds to 10.
We need to practise the different numbers that make 10 until we know all of them off by heart.
Can you help us by practising them at home?
You could play:
 - 'Quick Fire'

Parent/Carer 'If  I've got 4 things, how many more do I need to make ten?' Child - Shouts the answer back(things can be any objects) - Number snap
- Bingo

How many ways to make 10 do you know?

Posting out letters

Today we went to post our letters that we have written this week in Literacy. We can't wait for our parents to read our letters!

No Pens Wednesday

Today we have created Autumn pictures using things we found on out Autumn walk. We also painted trees using our hands and conkers. It was lots of fun.