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End of term awards

In Assembly this morning children with 100% attendance for the full term were given a certificate and entered into a draw to win cinema tickets. Well Done Emmie for coming to school every day !

Sports Relief

We have had a very fun morning raising money for Sports Relief. This morning we have all joined in with Yoga and completed an obstacle course. Everyone enjoyed getting active! This afternoon we completed a Joe Wicks fitness video and then did Rugby in PE. Lots of exercise today!


Spellings will be tested on Friday 13th April.

blue clue true rescue drew new few grew flew threw


What a busy but fantastic final week we have had.

The children have finished the book Beegu this week and have written a final draft of the story themselves, we were super impressed with their writing and the skills they had applied.
We have completed lots of experiments in our quest to learn more about Jupiter. The children have found out all about Jupiter's storm and why Jupiter is stripey.
The children all looked very sporty today raising money for Sports Relief. Thank you for all the donations!
Enjoy the holidays, we hope you have a fantastic two weeks off.

Easter Craft Afternoon

What a fantastic afternoon we have had! It was lovely to see so many parents in the classroom helping decorate eggs.

Jupiter's Storm

Today we learnt about the never ending storm on Jupiter and completed an experiment to recreate it.

First, we poured milk into a bowl and then we added a drop of food colouring. Next we added another drop of a different coloured food colouring and carefully stirred. We then added a drop of washing up liquid. The reaction we observed was the colours moving outwards towards the edge of the bowl once the washing up liquid was added.
Here are some pictures:

Attendance - photo

Whoop Whoop - We did it again!!! We won the trophy for the best attendance in KS1 last week (96.2%) Well done to everyone - Let's see if we can beat this score next time. Come on 1RW!! 👍

Spellings and Homework

Spellings this week:


In Literacy this week we have recalled part of the story through a story map, helping us to remember key parts. We then used the story map to help us write up what has happened. The children really impressed me with their fantastic sentences. 
This week in Maths we have been ordering two digit numbers.The children have been focusing on looking at the tens and then the ones to identify which number is the biggest and which number is the smallest. We have also practiced counting in twos.

In Topic we have had lots of fun this week looking at the planet Saturn. Using the ipads, we have learned facts  about the the planet that we are going to share in our showcase. The children have also painted Saturn.

Reminders Attendance - our attendance need to be above 96% - lets try really hard next week to win the attendance trophy! Easter craft afternoon 21st March - the children are to bring in a hard boiled egg to decorate. You can bring in resources from home to help decorate your egg. PE- All child…


Last week our attendance was 96.9%. This is a huge improvement. Well done 1RW.


Please play this fun game and learn all about place value:

You could also play this game, all you need is a dice and your maths brain!


June rule rude flute use tube tune huge cute cube

A friend for Beegu

On Monday the children all made friends for Beegu from salt dough. Today the children painted them nice and colourful.

Attendance Award

Well Done!!!!! We won the attendance award for last week.

Our attendance was 90.7% last week. We can do better!! We need to get our attendance up to 96% so please ensure you send your child to school on time every day (unless they really need to be off school because they are unwell).
We want to win this trophy regularly!

Homework (To be in for Wednesday 7th March)

Maths homework -

SPAG homework (This should take no longer than 15 minutes)


five ride like time side home those woke hope hole

Please keep practicing these every day!

World Book Day!

Today we are celebrating World Book Day by dressing up as characters from Where's Wally.