Launch Day!

As part of the launch for our topic 'Out of this world!' the children visited different countries around the world!

The first country the children visited was Australia. The children took part in two bush tucker trials. In the first trial the children had to feel around in custard, mushy peas, beans and spaghetti to find and guess the mini beasts. The children then took it in turns to nominate a team mate to eat cricket’s legs, fish eyes, slugs and snakes!!!

The second country the children visited today was France. The children learnt how to say body parts in French. The also played bingo, dominoes and did a French word search!

The third country the children visited was America. The children made their own hot dogs with a choice of sauce and then they learnt how to play dodge ball.

The final country the children visited today was India. The children learnt all about the Indian culture. Then they got messy painting Rangoli patterns and feet painting - some children had very ticklish feet!


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